What has been accomplished so far?

The summer of 2008 saw the completion of Phase One of Asterion. This phase began in 2004 and focused on two trajectories: the construction of performance spaces within the labyrinth and the exploration of ideas among the creators.

During Phase One nearly a kilometer of circuitous paths through the forest were created by following the natural spacing of the trees. These paths have been maintained and embellished by many artists and volunteers, taking advantage of the incredibly diverse micro-environments of the site.

We have built several versatile structures, including: interlocking straw bale paths, a ferro-cement dome, and the “Cavern of Shadows” consisting of enclosed spaces connected by wooden walkways providing 400 feet of dark paths.

Several artists have already begun to create installations for Asterion, including a giant ferro-cement sculpture of a wolf’s head, which marks the entrance of the labyrinth.

Through text workshops and ongoing group discussions we have successfully explored the development of text and how a narrative can grow by interacting with these unique environments. Everyone involved in the process has had a hand in shaping the work.

Asterion has been, and will continue to be, a learning process. The insight and knowledge gained through these explorations, both spacial and conceptual, will allow us to move ahead towards completion.