What is Asterion?

Asterion is a complex series of theatrical events in the form of a labyrinth. First and foremost is an experience, a journey of individual self-discovery that transcends the boundaries of conventional theatre and challenges the expectations of the traveler.

The story is told not only with words but also with images, sounds, tastes, touches and textures. Asterion is a multi-disciplinary artistic endeavour, incorporating the contributions of gardeners and landscape architects, builders, and sculptors; artists of all kinds working together to create unique environments within the labyrinth. It is part museum, part fairground, part gallery and part concert. It is part fun house and part game, part quest and part contemplation. It is designed as a transformative journey to be experienced by one person at a time.

As the participant moves through the labyrinth, her experience will be shaped by encounters with actors and by an active engagement with the surroundings. As the lines between spectator and performer become blurred the individual begins to shape her own experience of the labyrinth.

Asterion is part of a larger body of work collectively known as the Patria Cycle, created by Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer.