Additional notes and photos (Sept 20, 2012)

Painted portal – entrance to Thetis

The tetrad of Arcana structure with protective membrane in place


Of the significant accomplishments this summer, the most intensive was the earth bag structure created to house The Tetrad of Arcana, four events situated in an underground cavern.


The tetrad of Arcana structure buried and ready to plant



The methodology of the build was based on a variety of incomplete sources so a great deal of experimentation was involved resulting in a significant amount of knowledge gained which will be published to be applied to the existing body of information about this construction technique. Once the upper section was framed and a plywood roof with skylights put in place, the entire structure was covered with a membrane prior to being backfilled and covered. 

A room in the underground tetrad of Arcana


The skylights are positioned to illuminate the sculptural installations that will be placed in each room. The structures to the left of the tetrad are the water tower and shower for the onsite crew.



Wall painting in the corridor of the dead



The collaboration with multidisciplinary artists has begun and many spaces are well on their way to completion. The Palace of Mythical Beings is being undertaken by sculptor Reinhart Reitzenstein as a “cabinet of curiosities”. 



The sculptural installation known as the Gallery of the Deceived is well underway.


A hall of mirrors has been completed and the room for the introduction of Thetis who will provide an expository performance has been built and is awaiting the realization in three dimensions of a number of “Ectocretan” panels designed by R. Murray Schafer. Musician and visual artist Jesse Stewart is making plans for a giant Mandala.


Jenny prepares a garden next to the kitchen tent.


The gardens are going to be spectacular. Sarah is our main garden genius and has prepared and planted several different spaces. Here Jenny is working on a veggie garden for our kitchen.