Artist Residency I

Angela Thomas

Angela has taken on the “Tetrad of Arcana” including designing and supervising a structure to house the series of four events.

After consulting with our onsite crew, it was agreed that we would create an earthbag structure of four small theatres surrounding a central square room. Partially underground, most of the structure has now been established thanks to much hard physical labour from all.

Our thanks to Battlefield Cat Rental for the use of a backhoe to complete the excavation.


Chris Clifford

Along with invaluable assistance with installing solar panels and ventilation ducts on the steel shed, Chris has taken on “Shadow“, an event involving the creation of a room with interactive projections and shadows of all sorts.

Michael Waterman

Newfoundland artist Michael Waterman and Peterborough artist Brion Wagner have taken on “Daedalus’ Workshop“, an installation consisting of a room full of wonderful objects, artifacts and machines that are set in motion by the entrance of the spectator.

Progress is being made on a number of events. The curved cedar path at the beginning is almost complete.
Helim, the corridor of the dead, is mostly finished.It is apparent in this study that we must complete the structures/installations in order to accurately appraise the effectiveness and appropriateness of each events. Dark sections must be actually dark and the section must be workshopped.

Trompe l’oeil effects and forced perspective will be explored with the new proxemics of an interactive and ambulatory spectator. Does the illusion of for example Teatro Olympico still work for those observing from the stage itself. Can a low relief and painted surround be made to work as the participating spectator walks around it. When our “spect-actor” causes an event to be set in motion by entering the space, are they aware and if so, does this detract from or enhance the experience.
These are a few of the small questions within the overall study that is Asterion that we will begin to address this summer.

June 23, 2012

We have an amazing team that since the beginning of May have accomplished an incredible amount.

Sarah has established gardens and plantings throughout the site including a labyrinthine spice garden. An intricate curving passageway of bent cedar joins the wolf head entrance to the dark corridor of the dead. The section known as Thetis has been prepped and is ready to install.

cedar arches in progress

Anubis at the entrance to the Corridor of the Dead

Crocodile mummy