There are ample opportunities for potential supporters of this work to help with donations of cash or in kind. We are dedicated to supporting the local community and appreciate the support we have received in return.

Your support is crucial to the success of this exciting venture and the Asterion team will work very hard to acknowledge your support.

  • Web site presence: The Patria web site ( has a very high profile (close to 1 million hits) and sponsor logos/names will be featured prominently throughout the site.
  • On-site signage: Everyone visiting the Asterion site will be made aware of the support you are providing
  • Academic recognition: The project and the supporters of the project will have national and international exposure through academic conferences, lectures and published work.
  • All information, brochures, posters and programs will credit your participation.
  • Once the labyrinth is complete. our supporters will be the first to be invited to experience it.
  • Tax receipts can be provided for support in excess of $100.

Is there more we can do? Please let us know.

Remember, Asterion is not a single performance but a permanent installation that will continue to provide donor profile for many years. You may want to consider sponsorships for individual artists or attaching your name to one of the environments of the labyrinth. We are encouraging donations of cash or materials as we proceed to develop Asterion.

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Jan 2012